“Tally Koren is one of the truly unique voices on the current indie/pop scene – she writes with real personality and is a great story teller lyrically.” Chris Craker – Former Senior Vice President Sony BMG New York

“Tally Koren has a voice of velvet that has the power to shift cultural perceptions.” Top40-Charts.com


Tally will be performing for the first time at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in 7th November 2017 accompanied by a full string section & 300 choir members from Netherlands.

On the search to find the choir members that will be singing on the forthcoming single "Magical Powers" by Tally Koren. The singers selected from the auditions will be of different faith so as to embrace the message of peace and reconciliation.

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I am thrilled to announce that one of the World's most famous lyricists Don Black, who wrote many of the James Bond theme songs, is going to be a judge in NSPC4Peace !

The 'National Schools Poetry Competition for Peace' will announce the winners at the House of Lords event on 20th November - Universal Children's Day. This event is going to encourage students to explore the concept of peace through the medium of poetry and reflective language.

More information at the NSPC4PEACE: http://thenationalschoolspoetrycompetition.com

"International traveller Koren’s days as a model give her an uncommon sense of poise in her attire and stage presence which carries though into her vocal delivery, which goes for the sensual and conversational rather than the howling torch style that some singers feel is their duty to include.”

Pete Sargeant justlistentothis.co.uk

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