About Tally Koren

Tally is a very well travelled, multi-lingual international artist who is extremely passionate about using her music and voice as a harmonic means to bridge the gap between different cultures. Her deeply felt understanding of the need to encourage integration between different cultures comes from her own personal multi-cultural upbringing from Syrian and Polish backgrounds.

Award winner for Best Singer/Songwriter in the London Fringe in 2011, Tally was playlisted on BBC Radio 2 and her music has been played by Chris Evans and Steve Wright and on Aled Jones’ Good Morning Sunday, the Graham Norton ‘highlights of the year’ 2011 show, London Live TV and on the Virgin Media TV playlist.

Her distinctive, rich accented voice even caught the attention of a James Bond film director, resulting in Tally voicing the part of an Israeli agent in the film ‘Quantum of Solace’.

Tally has regularly performed at many top venues with recent highlights including The Marbella International Film Festival, The Forum, The Belgrade Theatre, The William Blake Celebration at the Tate Britain and in front of the late former president Shimon Peres at a charity event in Tel Aviv.

In 2014, Tally hosted a concert – Music for Peace in the Middle East – where Palestinians, Iranians and Israeli artists performed on one stage and she received a prestigious award as an ‘Ambassador for Peace’ at the House of Commons.

Tally completed a BA in Jewish Studies and Theology at the Leo Baeck College and has a great interest in philosophy, different schools of mysticism, such as Kabbalah and she has an holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

A committed believer in helping others and giving something back where she can, doing Charity work runs in Tally’s blood, and indeed in her family, as she follows in the footsteps particularly of her grandparents.

Tally’s forthcoming single,’ If I could write a Love Poem’ will be released in March followed by her next Album which will be based on a collection poetry by famous poets such as William Blake and some other lesser known wordsmiths. In September, she will be performing and speaking alongside notable guest contributors in The House of Lords at ‘A Voice for Peace and Harmony’, an event designed to encourage global peace, re-unification and harmony which she has been instrumental in both creating and organising.